Can You #TreatYoself Too Much?

There’s a new hashtag on Instagram. #TreatYoself. First, I reread that about four different times to make sure it wasn’t, in fact, TREAT YOURSELF. Nope, apparently, I’m just not cool enough to drop the U. Millennials. Sigh.


In this day and age of #yolo, (You Only Live Once for those of you Millennial acronym impaired) have we actually gone too far with the treating ourselves? How much is good self care and how much is irresponsibly draining our bank accounts?

The first thing I noticed when I visited the #treatyoself page on Instagram were a lot of pictures of food. Truffle fries, donuts, and chocolate stuffed pancakes, oh my! Wait. Where were those chocolate stuffed pancakes from? Because they looked BOMB. I think a little decadent food every now and then is a great way to treat yourself. I can tell you that a good night of music and cooking at home with a good bottle of wine and fresh produce is one of the BEST things I can do to treat myself. The problem for me is knowing when to draw the line. Because it may be “treating myself” to buy that $70 bottle of wine I’ve always wanted to try, but will it still be treating myself if I can’t pay rent at the end of the month?


I also wanted to explore other ways that I could treat myself. Like I said, I saw a lot of pictures of food on that Instagram page. I also saw a lot of travel pics. But what are a couple simple ways that I can treat myself in day to day life?

giphy (1).gif

The first thing I did was buy a candle. I had just finished working out and wandered into Body Works to get a smoothie. They have all kinds of candles and kitschy type stuff so I took a moment to stop and smell the wax roses, so to speak. After about 15 different scents I smelled a candle that reminded me of this grapefruit one I used to light when I was stressed. I’m not sure why, because this candle was actually cultured sake with lotus and white tea, (and what does cultured sake smell like anyway?) but it smelled amazing. At $40 for a candle it seemed a little pricey, but then #treatyoself ran through my head and I bought it. And in the past two weeks that candle has been worth every penny. I light it and it inspires me to clean. It puts me in a cheery mood. It makes a normal day just a little bit brighter. And better smelling.

cutlured sake

The second thing I did was buy concert tickets to see Nathanial Rateliff and the Night Sweats. I LOVE this band. They are soulful with folk and R&B influences, but upbeat enough to keep me dancing in my seat. I mean, they have a song called “S.O.B” (son of a bitch) that perfectly captures the mood we all experience after a bad day at work/road rage/boyfriend problems.

This brings me to my next point, BALANCE. There were multiple concerts I wanted to see this month, Vance Joy being one. (How indie hipster am I seeming right now?) But if I “treated myself” every single time I wanted to I would be spending too much money to ACTUALLY be treating myself well. In the long run, I’d be treating my mental health very poorly. Moderation is key.


I think there is an epidemic right now that whenever we are having a bad day we tell ourselves that we “deserve” that new dress/going to that new restaurant/taking that trip to India. And don’t get me wrong, we definitely should treat ourselves now and then. But sit down at the beginning of each month and plan out one or two nights that would feed your sense of adventure. Maybe that’s going to a concert or taking a painting class. The rest of the time look for ways to feed your soul. Meditate, go for a hike with friends, read that book that you’ve been saying you want to read for about a year now. Not only are those things free, they will keep you stress free throughout your week. And the neurotic emotional mess that lives inside me daily would really love that.

So, please, #TreatYoself… #Responsibly.



2 thoughts on “Can You #TreatYoself Too Much?

  1. “Treats” that cause panic at the end of the month when I get my credit card bill–NO thanks! For the most part of i feel lucky that retail therapy stopped working for me a long time ago, so I never reach for it anymore. Food though–that’s one of those things that I feel like can be a comfort that I never really want to let go of. It’s not a daily thing so it doesn’t worry me as a problem. Sometimes I think reaching for something outside of ourselves is just–well, human. It’s my goal not to-but when I do, I think I can chalk it up to that! What can I say, I do love a good donut!


  2. Great post and so true. If I want to treat myself and it costs money, I think about the equivalent cost. For example, I never buy takeaway drinks because a couple of those costs a bottle of wine and I’d rather have the wine. So usually a treat will be ‘instead of’ something I can live without. I’m the Queen of No Money Fun, born out of necessity. Finances are easier but it’s an ingrained philosophy. I can treat myself with the simple pleasures in life; like not being dressed at lunchtime becasue I’m enjoying reading blogs, like now! But I’m also of the view that life is short, I live for the day, you never know what’s round the corner. I don’t recklessly spend money I don’t have on just anything I want to do, but for things that I know will bring me lots of joy, I will find a way to fund it and make sacrifices to do that. 😉

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