DISCLAIMER: I want to make it clear that 100% of everything I write about I take very seriously. All this New Age hippie hoopla saved my life. I love it and want to share it with as many people as I can. But my brain is also wired to find the funny in any situation. As a comedian, sarcasm and cynicism run in my blood. But my intention is to bring positive ideas about my enlightenment journey to the every day person, making it accessible instead of pretentious.

MY BIO (if you care about my history)

Alissa was born and raised in Medina, OH. Which sucked because she was bored. She spent her time either making up stories in her room, which resulted in 6 young author awards and her dad learning to bind books with cardboard and wallpaper; or pretending she was the main character from whatever movie or play she had just seen. Her mother’s favorite was when Alissa pretended to be Helen Keller from “The Miracle Worker” and demanded to be lead around the house since she was, of course, blind and deaf. And let’s not forget the time Alissa held auditions and cast her very own production of “Blame it On the Wolf.” Everyone enjoyed the backyard production, more so because the grandfather of one boy was hall of famer Lou “The Toe” Groza who signed autographs for all the fathers, than because of the play, but nevertheless a success!

Next she was president of The International Thespian Society in High School. So for four years she did not have a boyfriend because the cool kids confused the word thespian with lesbian. She then majored in Acting at Ohio University. Because that seemed to be a solid, stable way to make a living. Upon graduating Magna Cum Laude she moved to New York City… where she learned that her degree with honors meant absolutely nothing. She got a job serving at Caroline’s Comedy Club, and fell in love with stand up.

She now lives in L.A. and has dedicated her life to making people laugh. She writes, directs, and acts in sketch, improv, and YouTube projects, as well as stand up comedy. One of her favorite credits was performing sketch comedy with “Strait Jacket Society” where she got the honor of receiving direction from John Cleese himself. She also completed all four levels of the improv program at Upright Citizen’s Brigade and performed with her indie team “Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay.” She has written for the web series “5 Minute Sketch Show” where they won best scripted short in iO West’s 48 hour film challenge. She also writes and acts in her own web show, “Bitches Be Brunchin” because who doesn’t need a girl’s day full of venting and cocktails? She performs regularly all over town at The Comedy Store, The Improv, Flappers, Ha Ha Café, and random dive bars where one doesn’t feel safe to sit on the toilet seat.

Sure Alissa is currently still a waitress and personifying the whole “starving artist” thing to a T. But in her heart she knows that it will all work out. Just like in fourth grade, when everyone was asked to bring someone to class to interview and most kids brought in their mom, or maybe a priest… Alissa marched right up to Nick Saban and Tommy Vardell’s houses (a coach and player for the Browns for those non-sports lovers) and got them both to come in as her guests. She was really, really cool for one day. Now she’s in Hollywood and is reminded that she still needs to take life by the horns and finagle her way in. And if anyone can do it, she can! Up next? Her own sitcom… stay tuned!