Facing My Fear… of Thrifting


I was recently given a writing assignment… about thrift shopping for your wardrobe on a budget. Not meditation, not spirituality, not even food. Thrifting. The word Pinterest was mentioned in the same sentence. I immediately went into a panic. Me? First of all, I’m not that artsy, girly type.  And, well, budgeting isn’t exactly my strong suite. My process is buy first, think later. Oh, and have at least 6 credit cards to rotate. Obviously. Second, thrift shops terrify me. I’m serious. The thought of having to dig through endless racks of clothes in order to find something of value gives me anxiety. Luckily, Instagram has learned this about me and custom advertises clothing online to appeal to my preferred point and click approach to shopping.

BUT as soon as my scared little ego started to argue that I CAN’T write this article, I was able to center myself. They always say go with the choice that scares you most. I don’t know who they is, but my latest online shopping purchase got lost on its way from China, so I figured it was worth a shot.


I first ventured to Crossroads Trading Co. in West Hollywood. Checkout their website here. They boast that they buy the hottest trends and then resell them for cheap. My only prior experience was four years ago when I thought I would sell some of my clothes to make extra money. Wrong. Crossroads is very picky and the only thing they bought from me was a brand new $120 Free People dress… for $12.50. They told me the rest of my clothes were out of style. Ouch.

So I had high hopes entering this store. The first thing that pleased me was that it was organized by color, size, and piece of clothing. Very good for keeping me from feeling overwhelmed. I quickly picked a couple tops, dresses, and pants, ignored the weird beetle I almost touched on one shirt, and ran to the dressing room. Let the festivities begin!

thrift 1
Didn’t even use a filter. And they thought I could manage Pinterest.

The great thing about this place is that it has really unique pieces. Like this blue top. I love the color but it looked too similar to Swiss cheese for my liking. Do I really want me bra out for the world to see?

thrift 2
Not convinced

But this cute red top with embroidered red flowers was a super find. It was by a designer named Sachin & Babi who I, as a non-fashionista, had never heard of. But when I did some research I found that their tops usually go for $250-$300! I got mine for $28.

thrift 3
Finally smiling!

Next, I got a cute Zara top for $16. You’ll have to excuse my Snap Chat filter. I was over of the scary florescent lighting in the dressing room.

thrift 4
Because everyone looks better with freckles.

Also, checking out at $49 for two tops isn’t THAT cheap to me. So I decided to try out the other end of the thrifting spectrum. I drove my apprehensive butt over to Goodwill, which was also the final destination for all my old clothes I hadn’t been able to sell to Crossroads. It’s good to know that my $350 “no longer in style” BCBG dress went for no more than $8.49 at Goodwill because that’s the most anything is sold for at that store. Which is awesome when I found a cute J. Crew sweater for $6, but definitely made me envious of the person who snagged that deal on my old dress.

thrift 5
Too bad its 95 degrees!

I will also say that Goodwill was a lot more overwhelming when it came to how many clothes they had. They don’t discriminate. Whether it’s this season’s style, or the 90’s, they have it all. If you’re looking for every day clothing for cheap, and treasure hunting is your favorite sport, this is your jam.

Overall, the pro in thrift store shopping is that you can find designer clothing for a lot less. You also find some really unique pieces. I think I would do this again if I needed a trendy dress for a night out and didn’t want to break the bank. The major con I encountered is that sometimes after you dig through the racks you find something you are obsessed with, like slouchy red pants from Anthropology for $18, but they only come in a size two. If I was in a regular store with many sizes, I may have paid triple but I also wouldn’t have had to suction myself into this cute find only to fall in love with something I could never have. And, come on, haven’t we all done that enough with dating?

thrift 6
FYI: These pants are supposed to be baggy.

What about you? Please share any thrift store experiences! I’d love to hear from you!

thrift 7

9 thoughts on “Facing My Fear… of Thrifting

  1. The level of detail you all (women) have to go through… For me it’s just, presentable and not flashy, comfort, utility, and when possible, I find something USA or if not even union made (like my work boots,) then throw it into the rotation of clothes I wear over and over again.


    1. But what if you’re wearing the same outfit in two different Instagram posts???? Oh the horror!!! Haha! I agree it’s terrible. I wish it was OK for me to wear leggings and a tank top 7 days a week. Wait, most of the time I do. But once in awhile its nice to dress up!!

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  2. I LOVE thrift/consignment stores!! Goodwill is a frequent stop of mine, but I HAAAATE going thru the racks and racks of clothes — the tops are separated ONLY by color! I’ve discovered a few nicer consignment stores this year, which are now my favorites. I also like Poshmark, which is sort of like thrift/consignment shopping but online.

    I know a lot of people that wouldn’t step foot into a thrift store …. wear someone else’s castoffs??!! But hey, when you’re poor and/or trying to clothe children that grow out of clothes 15 min. after you buy them, thrifting is almost necessary. Glad you’ve come over to “the dark side!”

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    1. Yes I was pleasantly surprised! I’m actually wearing my thrift store red top out to dinner with my boyfriend tonight. Can’t wait! And yes, when I have kids FOR SURE thrift store. There are some really great things, I just may have to have a glass of wine or something before tackling the many racks!! 😜

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  3. Glad you managed to find some good things in the end haha I’m personally a huge fan of second hand shops as it’s so much better for the environment to recycle clothes as opposed to buying brand new all the time, however by the looks of things English charity shops are a LOT less overwhelming!

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    1. I agree it’s better to recycle, I’m just so damn lazy 😜 and hate the looking through everything, but I’m starting to become a convert! I feel like there is cheaper and less overwhelming shopping/gas prices/housing prices everywhere outside of L.A.! 😂 Next time I’m in England I’ll have to check out yours!

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  4. You are such a beauty! But yea, Thrift stores have gotten so expensive! I personally love to thrift, I’m a bit obsessed ( I once found a 50 dollar bill in a pair of Rag and Bone skinny jeans in my size) and I thrifted my wedding dress for .99 cents!

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