Time Management: Can I Practice What I Preach?

Time management is usually my strong point. I mean I’m the one who goes on a trip and writes out a daily schedule so we can fit in EVERYTHING. On family vacays my sister even writes one out by the hour so We. Are. Prepared. But lately I’ve been about as good at time management as I am at resisting dark chocolate with sea salt. Which is NEVER. And now it’s been almost three months since I was laid off from my job. And I still have NO CLUE where my next paycheck is going to come from. I mean, besides the unemployment office, but my pride won’t let me keep taking that for long. And they cut my deadbeat ass off at six months.

Of course, I could go out and get another serving job but I PROMISED myself I wouldn’t do that. It’s my time to go after what I’m truly called to do. And for me that’s writing and acting. But sometimes I’m faced with this huge task and not knowing what I should do first. And then I find myself watching “The Bachelor Winter Games” because what’s better than the regular Bachelor franchise? An international one with a hot French Canadian named Benoit. (And Claire is an IDIOT for not returning his love.)

So this post is more for me than you because I hope by writing out positive habits for time management that I’ll actually follow them. Manifestation, am I right? So for those of you with time management problems I challenge you (and myself) to follow these very simple habits.

not enough


I know. I know. You plan to go to bed at 9:30 or 10 but then you start stalking people on Instagram, randomly cleaning the mold you found on your windowsill, or running around like an idiot with your cat (OK those are mine but I’m sure you have yours) and before you know it it’s 1:00am. This starts a downward spiral, because even though you may force yourself to get up early, you either end up falling into a deep hibernation nap by noon or walk around with the energy level of a sloth. Either way you’re not being as productive as possible. Unless your aspirations are to be a pillow tester. Wait. Is that a real job? Because I’m available.


I went to a time management class at the SAG AFTRA building three weeks ago. Because actors and artists are SO good at this that our union creates special classes just to tell us we should WRITE OUT A SCHEDULE. D’oh. Seriously though, it takes five minutes before bed. And when I do this I get so much more done. But how many times have I actually done this in the past three weeks? TWICE. So take this challenge with me and if somebody wants to leave me daily comments asking me if I have kept up my part of the bargain, PLEASE DO. I will talk pictures of my schedule and post. I bought a super cute schedule book JUST for this purpose.


So when the alarm goes off. Don’t hit snooze. Get up and face the day! I promise you’ll feel better about it in an hour. Otherwise you’ll be like me and laying a bigger guilt trip on yourself than your aunt at a family reunion asking why you’re STILL not married.


I can’t tell you how many hours I waste at night watching TV. And look after a busy day I know we need to unwind. But I want to challenge myself and you to tackle some of those “I really shoulds.” I’ve been wanting to pick up my guitar again, finish books and magazines I’ve put off reading, and continue to learn Spanish on Rosetta Stone. And as much “The Bachelor Winter Games” makes me cry and believe in love ( I know. What’s WRONG with me?) I think I’d feel slightly better about myself if I tackled some of these other things. Or at least rotate the substantial in between the trash.


Aargh. This one is particularly hard for me. I’m a type A personality so there always has to be some outcome. Some end game or I’m not satisfied. Like right now, I’m in two short plays that are very funny and acting is something I’m very passionate about. But I find myself cursing the time I’m going to rehearsal because I’m wasting time that I could be finding a job. I’m judging these plays based on the outcome instead of just enjoying what I claim to love doing. Besides, Deepak Chopra always says that the key to manifestation is joyfully performing a task without attachment to the outcome. (“But I still need a job!” My head screams. OK yeah, but the right opportunities are coming. And even when I get a job, what good will it do if I’m not enjoying my life?

If you have your own pointers, PLEASE share them. I need all the help I can get!!! Thank you for taking the time to be a part of this blogging community with me. If we all support each other’s journey I really think we can achieve our successes. And with all the extra time we will now have in the day, we can still squeeze in watching our favorite reality shows!

And so it is.

5 thoughts on “Time Management: Can I Practice What I Preach?

  1. You are quickly becoming my favorite blogger I follow 👍😉💞
    You have the perfect attitude, looking at life like I do – from my goofy space 😜😋🙂😄 Happy for the good, grateful for the bad – cuz that’s where the golden nuggets of wisdom hide! loll I just had an I’m soooo glad I’m awake 🐇

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