Laid off from Work: Failure or Freedom?

I have received some very scary news. I’ve been laid off from my job. And since then there are a million thoughts running through my head. What’s going to happen to me? Why are my employers such jerks? Do I have a tent anywhere? Cuz it’s looking like I’ll be homeless.

Of course most of the scary thoughts that pop into my head are gross exaggerations, but it brings up a very valid point: how do we deal with anxiety and stressful situations without our heads exploding?

Everyone’s immediate response tends to be fear or anger. Mine was definitely anger. I’ve worked at this job for going on EIGHT YEARS. I’ve gone through renovations and closures, I’ve worked in other jobs or positions to scrape by, I’ve earned my full time status and I’m a damn good employee. So how dare they just throw me away??? I feel like Gloria Allred going on a massive human rights rampage. Or doing something vindictive like, “Remember that Non-Disclosure Agreement you made me sign? Well I’m fired now so everyone’s going to know the gossip!!!”

But I won’t do that. Instead I’ll do something like get into a fight with my boyfriend. Oops. That wasn’t the most enlightened thing to do. I’m sorry. I wish I could tell you with all this work I’m doing on myself I was perfect. But sometimes the stress is literally through the roof, and my verbal sensoring system works about as well as my mother using an iPhone app. And what will a stress fight do really? Sure, I’d love to be coddled right now, but the fact is no matter what anyone else says or does I have to deal with this on my own, and learn to deal with it in the best way possible.

It was a mass layoff at my job so I’ve been talking to many of my coworkers and friends throughout the week. And everyone has handled the stress in different ways. Some cry and worry about how they will survive. Some pick fights or let their stress creep out through anger and condescending comments. Others put on five pounds due to all the candy and wine their drinking. (Or if you’re like me you do a variation of all three! 😜) But at the heart of all these things is the fear of the unknown.

But I’m here to tell you the unknown is OK. It can even be exciting! I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll say it again, I was once engaged and living in a house with my fiancé. When that ended I thought my world was over. I was LITERALLY homeless. But guess what? I was never on the streets. I received more love than I ever thought possible from friends and even mere acquaintances. And at the end of the day, it was the BEST thing that ever happened to me. Not only would I have been miserable if I had married that guy, it also started me on my Spiritual path.

And now, because of that, I am stronger and much better equipped to handle this situation. Now I can see from the jump that this is a BLESSING. You don’t even have to know me, just read a few blog posts from the archives, and you will see I hated my job. I lament being stuck as a server when I’m really a writer and actress. I even joked many times that I wish they would just fire me so I can go on unemployment and do what I really want to do. So I don’t think this is a coincidence. I think this is synchronicity and God answering my prayers. Now I have the time to get up and write EVERY DAY. I can actually get this blog off the ground, finish my pilot and screenplay, submit to literary agents. I can send out acting submissions, get new head shots, update my website. I can do my whole To-Do list without that pesky serving job in the way! Yes, it’s still scary. I’m going to have to be very frugal since unemployment barely covers my bills and I don’t want to blow through my savings. But it can be done. And everything else that comes with that teeny tiny sacrifice is exciting as hell!

I believe that God has a plan for my life. And I can’t stray too far from that. I needed to be at this job for a time, but for the past two years I knew I needed to leave. I was miserable each day going in, I had low energy, and this overwhelming feeling that I was wasting my life. I was meant for something else. But I was scared. Scared to jump into the unknown. God gave me plenty of time to make the decision myself and then He was like, “I can’t take it anymore! If you’re not gonna make it happen, I WILL!” So thank you, God. I owe ya one.

And to everyone reading, if you’ve just been laid off, or broken up with, or come into any kind of hardship, I know it’s scary. It definitely isn’t always fair. But maybe, just maybe, there’s something even greater out there for you. Maybe this is the fire under your butt that you needed to make your destiny happen. I love the saying, “If not this, then something better.” So here’s to a way better job for me, (and you!) and a better future for us all.

And so it is.


7 thoughts on “Laid off from Work: Failure or Freedom?

  1. Losing my job of 5 years (Christmas 2016) became a foundation stone for my presence here in the blogsphere, and your words ‘fear of the unknown’ really struck a chord. It’s been a scary year! Looking forward to reading some more of your journey. Humour has been my saviour 😉

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    1. OMG fear of the unknown is THE WORST! On one hand, all the spiritual and enlightenment teachings I’ve read are telling me this is a great opportunity to create what I really want. That all I need to do is have faith. But then the neurotic part of me is like, “But HOW? What am I supposed to be doing? I know I’m supposed to be able to create my destiny, but HOW???????” I’m going to check out your blog ASAP. Hopefully I’ll see you are no longer still unemployed! But if you are… what are your secrets to still paying rent? Inquiring minds want to know.:-)

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      1. I’m currently employed enough to keep me afloat, don’t feel very safe though! But I’ve stopped looking ahead, I live for the day. You NEVER know what’s round the corner, so whether good or bad I now just take what comes when it comes. I felt so betrayed for reasons I won’t go into publicly, so I’ve let my loyalty for others slide a bit and put myself and my needs first. I don’t like myself for it though as I’ve always prided myself on my loyalty. Luckily I have a partner in work and we cut our cloth accordingly 😉 We had just signed contracts for our very own home, 2 days before my redundancy was announced! Our rental deposit got swallowed up by bills when it was returned, so ironically that helped us through. Would’ve been nice to do something fun with it instead! EVERYONE I know who’s been through a similar experience has looked back on it from a better place. And maybe, like me, not from the place you would’ve expected! I wish you lots of luck and hope you continue to pursue opportunities, as I said, you NEVER know what’s round the corner. Gosh, that was a long reply. And public too! Not the usual me 😉


  2. Oh my gosh, I had no idea that so many bloggers had been laid off! It’s SO isolating, I literally locked myself away, stopped eating, stopped looking after myself, stopped going outside. And all it was was fear. I’d never been unemployed since I left school and that was only because my resume was on a post-it note and said “went to school”.

    I signed up with a counselor who chimed in with my Doctor and said “It’s ok, see this as an opportunity” just like you say. At the time I couldn’t see any opportunities other than ‘an opportunity to lose my house’ but eventually I snapped out of it.

    That was last year, this year I have a book out (in twelve days, eek!) and I start a new contract on Wednesday for six months, I’m also a good way into my second book.

    Aside from the “absolutely no money coming in” part, I did eventually grow to like not working and to see it as an opportunity to do all the things I never had time to do (like pull out the refrigerator and sweep under it)

    I’ve also completely changed my loyalty, I used to think I was making a difference in my job, but now realize writing is my thing, and I’m ONLY taking this six-month gig for the money. That will enable me to plan to ‘not work, just write’.

    Best wish to you lovely, and keep us posted!

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    1. You have a book coming out?!?!?!? CONGRATULATIONS! What is the title? I’d love to hear more about how you got this ball rolling. That is so amazing!

      And yes, it’s best to look at being laid off as an opportunity. And to know so many more people are in the same boat it is a little more comforting. I’m continuing to look for creative ways to make money and still be able to write just as you are. Thank you for reaching out!


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