DAY 20: The one where I find another perspective

And we’re in the home stretch!!! Day 20 of Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s 21 Day meditation challenge Desire and Destiny. I’ve learned a lot on the journey. #1: Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew. #2: Sometimes it’s OK not to hit every single deadline as long as you’re making progress and enjoying yourself on the way. And #3: I need to learn social media and marketing because at this rate I’ll grow my page slower than my grandma can figure out how to send an email. And that is SLOW.

But I really have learned a lot on this journey, along with my fair share of struggling. The biggest perk has been that the meditations give me a thought to focus on in the midst of my many emotional mood swings, peppered with anxiety and a dollup of depression. The meditations serve as a rope pulling me out of the abyss into a higher vibration. And while I may not know everything, I DO know that is the point of meditation so all in all I feel like I’m doing pretty OK. 👌

Today’s meditative thought is, “The world is waiting for my vision.” Awesome. Because I have like 5 TV show ideas, 1 game show, and these great self help blogs I’m looking to sell. Who’s buying?

In all seriousness though, visioning is something I hear a lot about in the spiritual community. I’ve often heard that every day in mediation you should visualize the goal you would like to obtain. Then you put yourself in that moment, seeing everything and truly giving yourself the feeling of happiness, success, fun, or whatever you expect to feel when you achieve that goal. Feel it like it’s happening NOW. As you stop wishing something would happen and start feeling like you already have it, then God and the universe naturally draw the people, places, and things towards you to achieve this goal.

I love this idea. But I often struggle with 100 percent buying into it. I have imagined myself in roles and writing jobs many times. I’ve even made my own vision board.


Yes, that is my face glued onto a model on the cover of Cosmopolitan. And yes, that is $10,000,000 taped over a Citi bank account. When I dream, I dream big.  And while I haven’t met Mindy Kaling YET, I DID go to Paris and Spain, which are both on the board. I even took a picture in front of the very same fountain in Madrid. (The picture at the very top center.)


Yeah, my picture doesn’t have the fancy lighting like the one on my vision board but I WAS THERE. (And so was that guy on the blue scooter ruining my picture.) The point is I DO see the value of a vision board because, even if there isn’t immediate magic happening, it does get your brain going in the right direction with your actions close behind.

So come on! I know my deepest desire, I visualize it, I take action on it… what else do I have to do? Well, Deepak told me in today’s meditation “there is ONE MORE step required to manifest destiny.” WHAT??? Thanks, Deepak. You really had to throw one more thing at me, huh? Like I needed one more thing on my plate! 😖

This last thing is connecting and communicating with others. It is through our willingness to share our ideas, perspectives, and visions with others that we become more comfortable speaking our truth. The more we speak it, the more inspiration comes. “If you build it, they will come.” (Field of Dreams reference. Of course now with the whole Mandela Effect thing it’s actually “If you build it, HE will come. Look it up. But that’s irrelevant to me right now. I don’t care if he or they or a tiger in a pantsuit comes. As long as someone is helping me with this whole dream thing I’m happy.)

Deepak then goes into the idea of networking. Great. My least favorite thing in the world. I get to go to events and try to suck up to strangers so they’ll want to give me a job. Right? Wrong. In today’s meditation I was challenged to think of networking in a whole new light. Instead of thinking we SHOULD go out there and make connections, (which results in dragging of feet and a lot of fake convos) we should change our outlook so that we CAN’T WAIT to go out and meet some cool people, be in conversation about each of our visions, and partake in the excitement of life. Here’s what happens when I choose to live life in this new way. #1: I meet some really interesting people in unexpected places. #2: I am having more exciting experiences than sitting at home with my cat. (Though in his defense he’s REALLY cool.) And #3: by saying my desires out loud I am actually empowering them to God and the universe.

So go out and try this yourself! Have a vision board party with friends and cut out pictures. Art project like you’re 4 year olds. (That is 4 year olds with wine 🍷) And maybe have each friend bring a friend that you don’t yet know so you can expand your circle and practice this concept of networking as fun not work! I mentioned last week that I went to my friend’s just to hang out and be with her dog and I got into a convo with a directing major at UCLA. I am now helping him cast his thesis film on Tuesday and excited about learning. Networking success!

At the end of the day we all are striving for something. It doesn’t always come easy. But if you’re around cool, like minded people at least it can be a little more FUN. And remember, the world is waiting for your vision.

And so it is.


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