DAY 19: How I turned around a heavy heart

Today is Day 19 of my meditation challenge and the centering thought is “Joy is my highest purpose.” Of course today seems anything but blissful in the aftermath of the Vegas shooting. As reports came streaming in yesterday I was truly saddened. It made no sense. What makes a man of 64, with no criminal background or any warning signs, go out and kill innocent people? The account of what happened, the lives lost, the terror that ensued is heartbreaking.

But then, in my humble opinion, something strange happened. Instead of banding together in love for the victims and looking for a way to help them and their families, Facebook exploded into one debate after another. And while YES I do think gun laws should be changed, I also don’t see the point of calling out people posting prayers and telling them they are lazy, cowards, or need mental help. I have a really hard time with this. I live in California so I’m surrounded by mostly liberals and everyone assumes their opinion is right. And for the most part I’m in agreement with these points. This one in particular, gun control, is a definite must. In fact, Click here to sign a petition to get the dialogue started. BUT the person who I got this link from also felt the need to tell people if they were not outraged by what happened and took action then they “have mental problems.” How is this helping? Why is attacking people “for a cause” OK? I saw countless others berating people for sending thoughts and prayers. In fact, one CBS executive was fired for saying, “I’m actually not even sympathetic because country music fans often are Republican gun toters.” WHAT?!?!? It’s come to this?

This is not an US Vs. THEM issue. This is a human issue. And first and foremost we must ban together as people who love each other despite politics, despite beliefs, despite differences. And while action DOES need to take place, change MUST come around, how do we do that? I’ll tell you right now, it doesn’t happen by insulting each other. One of the most inspirational people who ever lived is Martin Luther King, Jr. He made such a difference using PEACEFUL PROTEST. He never physically fought back. (He actually took a lot of flack from some activist groups for peacefully kneeling and taking beatings.) He never called those oppressing him names like “deplorables.” (Has anyone stopped to think that by calling Republicans who voted for Trump “deplorables” that you’re only making the divide WORSE?) Martin Luther King, Jr. led with LOVE and ONLY LOVE. That’s how he got so many white people on his side! They were moved with compassion because his actions were of pure love, not because he was calling them lazy for not getting off the couch!

And I think Martin Luther King, Jr. was a master at following his bliss. It was his bliss to unite people. He had a blissful dream where all ethnic backgrounds united and stood as one. And every action he took was in the bliss, in that joy. And even when he didn’t receive it back from a certain person he stayed the course of bliss and love and he got it back elsewhere. His death came from a shooter who was in FEAR of change, stuck in hatred. So my question today is, how do we out love the hatred in America??

The first step is to bring love and bliss to every single person you meet today. EVERY SINGLE ONE. I don’t care if they’re rude or got your order wrong. You don’t know what’s going on in their lives and maybe a genuine smile, thank you, or a big tip would make their day. Then their energy changes. Then they can bring joy to someone else. In my opinion THIS is how we change the world. Not through judgment but through LOVE. There is so much bullying at schools, even adults make fun of their “odd” co-worker or annoying neighbor. We must focus on a solution to the problem that is long lasting. And yes, petitions in gun control can help. Giving money to the victims families or other organizations can help as well. But I know in my gut that the true change will come when we love one another, when we are gentle with each other. If it bothers you that someone is “only” praying for the victims, why don’t you reach out and say, “I see that this tragedy has really affected you. I found this petition we can sign to try to make sure this doesn’t happen again.” The GOAL is the same as the person who says, “sign this or you have mental issues!” BUT I PROMISE the results will be better if we lead with love. That person feels heard and cared for as well so they want to go out and help. The other statement just gets them defensive.

So follow your bliss today. My bliss is love (and I think if you really do some soul searching everyone knows love feels better than hate.)  My bliss is trying to connect people instead of divide them. I love Republicans. I love Democrats. I love old, young, rich, poor. I love Christians. I love Muslims. I love PEOPLE. And when I see an opportunity to help, I will do it with love. I will reach out to the human aspect of the person and lovingly guide them to a new idea. That is in fact my main objective of this blog. Not to force ideas down someone’s throat, but to stir up thoughts that MAYBE there’s another way. Lead with love today and see the difference.

And so it is.

If you’d like to donate to the victim’s families Donate here It’s beautiful. Over $3,600,000 have been raised! This truly gives me hope about human beings.

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