DAY 18: The one where I learn to relax

Today is Day 18 of the Deepak Chopra and Oprah 21 day meditation challenge Desire and Destiny. And I have some really exciting news! They just announced their next FREE meditation challenge titled Making Every Moment Matter. In this age of constant distraction (or my mild case of ADHD… “oh look! Online shopping, my cat wants to play, let’s check my horoscope.”) I definitely need this! Click here to sign up for this next free round! It starts Oct. 30 and they will send you the meditation via email each day.

But today let’s focus on the centering thought of the day. “I play. I create. I succeed.” Deepak explains that the more time we spend playing and “dancing through life like a child,” the more creative and productive we will actually become. This is a HUGE message to me because I often feel anxiety whenever I take time off from trying to further my career. (Oh my God I’m 34. Practically dead. There’s no time for FUN!!!!) In my head I’m wasting most of my life away working at the hotel so any little time off I should be working more on my career. But as the saying goes, “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.” Or girl. If you must be politically correct. And it’s true. Whenever I have a deadline, if I force creativity too much I just end up with one major writer’s block. Or headache. Or stomachache because I stress eat.

So currently I have an opportunity to write a packet for Bill Maher. The deadline is Oct. 5. And I am FREAKING out. I wrote about 30 political headlines yesterday and maybe 2 punchlines. And of those only one of them was decent. (Some of you might be thinking, “I can see that. This blog isn’t THAT funny.”) It wasn’t coming yesterday so I decided to put it down and watch The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. As the movie clocks in at just under 3 hours I safely avoided any more writing. But that’s play, right????

The second thing Deepak mentioned that was important was self care. Especially taking care of what your body needs and getting enough sleep. So after working a long serving shift today, instead of rushing right into packet work, I took a nap. Hey, my body REALLY wanted some Z’s and who am I to deny it that? I also wanted to work out because it’s been about two weeks and I’m still post Disney food fiasco, but at this point I figured I had procrastinated enough.

It’s time to create! So I’m writing this to you as well as trying to think of political headlines. What’s funny about tax payer money being wasted on private jets? Huh, Tim Price?? (That’s his name, right? I’m not very political. But don’t tell Bill Maher because he’s REALLY into that crap.) Anyway, I’m going to use my power of positive thinking and affirm now that ideas are going to flow to me and I will get this packet done. I’ve met every other deadline so why not this one? (Unless my head explodes first from having to read all of Trump’s tweets the last week. I mean there must be like 300.)

Next comes the succeed part. For the love of God, )seriously God please) let’s hope if I follow these rules this will be the outcome. I am expecting success. I affirm success. So can I get back to the play part? 😜

In seriousness, I am going to get back to writing this packet. (Right after dinner. I’m gonna cook some lamb chops. Then I SWEAR.) But I do want to set aside some time for play this week. I started to learn the guitar about a year and a half ago but for the last 6 months I haven’t touched it. I also want to finish learning Spanish on Rosetta Stone, read a book, and go for a hike. What are some things you can do to just let go and have fun? Then when you come back to whatever project you’re working on see if it comes any easier. At the very least you’ll break up your routine!

Life is supposed to be FUN. Sometimes we spend time saying things like, “I worked 80 hours this week.” Or “I only slept 4 hours last night.” Stop that! Let’s play. And throw a little creating in the mix. I can already smell the success. (Or is that my lamb chops?)

And so it is.


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