DAY 16: Follow Your Bliss

Today is another day of meditation and enlightenment! And what better place to do this than at DISNEY WORLD?? That’s right. I’m in Florida with my family for the next week tapping into my inner child. (Not that that’s too hard. I’m pretty much a goofball all the time!)  So when I sat down to do day 16 of my meditation challenge Desire and Destiny it seemed perfect that the centering thought was, “Bliss be my guide.” Uhhhh if I can’t find bliss at Disney World then my problems are more serious than I thought. 😜

In previous days we’ve already touched on the idea that each of us has a very unique purpose to serve in this lifetime. But Deepak takes it one step further by saying that, “The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness.” WHAT?!? It’s not that I toil endlessly in a job I hate to support myself or my family? It’s not that I give all my belongings away to West Africa to prove just how unselfish that I am? It doesn’t even have ANYTHING to do with how many social media followers I have? You’re saying I’m JUST supposed to focus on making MYSELF happy?

Well, kind of. The theory is that if we are really truly happy ourselves, then we can get in touch with our true purpose and give our whole heart and soul to it. And by doing THAT we are naturally helping others because all us humans are like ants in a colony, intricately connected. See. I wasn’t telling you to be a complete selfish jerk. But, I do actually think people who are stuck in jobs that they hate are actually bigger jerks to everyone around them. (I know I have my days at the hotel when I do a fairly accurate impersonation of The Grinch.)

I’m also not saying go out and quit your job immediately because you are going to manifest your purpose RIGHT now. Our purpose, according to Deepak, “is more like a winding path along a mountainside then one specific destination. There are many views and stops along the way and yet it is always the mountain that we’re traveling on.” (Cool. I’m gonna ride Space Mountain tomorrow, does that count?) What he’s saying YET AGAIN (and to my dismay) is enjoy the journey. “Great,” I’m thinking. “I had two auditions last week, with zero callbacks. SO much fun.” But it actually was. I had FUN getting ready, getting to act, feeling like I’m going after my dreams. I DID enjoy the process. I just didn’t like the OUTCOME. But I can start by being thankful that I AM getting opportunities, and even being grateful for the jobs I know I will eventually book (even if it takes me til 75 and it’s an AARP commercial.)

The other secret to following your bliss is to just let go and be in the present moment. So off to Epcot center we went! I love this park the most because it’s theme is innovation and connecting the whole world. We ate lunch in the United Kingdom and snacked on filet mignon in Canada. (It also happens to be international food and wine week so there are booths set up where you can taste test delicacies from each country. The foodie in me thought I hit the jackpot!)

And most importantly I just laughed with my family. One highlight was on the Spaceship Earth ride where you get to create your perfect environment. One question it asked my sister and I was, “Which way do you prefer to go on vacation? A detailed plan or go with the flow?”

Which do you think we picked? (See. It’s not all my fault. I’ve been trained this way!!) We got a good laugh out of pretending for about half a second that we would pick go with the flow.

But in a way having a plan is me following my bliss so that’s OK. You gotta find what works for you. But then also be centered and flexible enough that if something goes wrong you are able to adjust and still enjoy yourself. My parent’s and sister’s flight was delayed 2 1/2 hours.. on the FIRST day we were off the itinerary! (The horrors!) But don’t worry, my sis made sure we got back on track and got everything done. I think that’s how life works too. Stay focused on your bliss and your purpose, and despite the obstacles things WILL sort themselves out. It just may not be in the exact way you thought it would happen or in the exact time frame. But hey, you’ll be having fun whatever is happening. So go on, give yourself permission to follow your bliss this week. Because that’s what life’s all about.

And so it is.

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