DAY 15: The one when I got my Shine on

Soooo its become apparent that I am not perfect at getting this done every day. My Deepak Chopra and Oprah 21 Day Meditation Challenge is going to be a 26 day meditation challenge, but at least I’m finishing, right? And today’s centering thought is a good one: “How can I serve?” I would like to think that I’m serving, at least a little by writing this blog. I’ve continued to get positive feedback from family and friends (even my best friend’s mom!) that this thing can help. And I hope to continue to bring forth new experiences and events I try so others can try them as well.

One of those new events I tried was The Shine Event at Wanderlust Yoga Saturday night. It’s a really cool gathering that happens each month with food, meditation, music, and a key not speaker.  First things first, I went alone. Which is a little uncomfortable, even for me, who can talk the ear off of a rock. But I couldn’t have been surrounded by more positive open people. We had to write one thing we wanted to do before we die on a sticker which we stuck on our shirts as a sort of name tag. I wrote, “Travel to Japan” which was the first thing that popped into my mind, and soon met a girl who had written the same thing. She excitedly told me how she’d always wanted to go there, to which I responded, “I’m pretty sure I lived there in a past life.” She continued on her way so I immediately second guessed my decision to just throw around my reincarnation philosophy. (But hey, these are New Age type people. They’re SUPPOSED to believe in this stuff, right?)

I then got some food, a quinoa salad, some type of garbanzo bean stew, and hummus.  Someone should have told me that hummus was SPICY because just as I started to chat with this life coach guy, I took a bite and got MAJOR hiccups. As I tried to cover I think I got awkward so he politely excused himself and went on his way. OK, so far not my best social foot forward, but I was determined not to just stick my head in my phone. I was here for cool community!

We went into The Greatest Place (the name of the biggest yoga studio at Wanderlust but I thought it fitting) and the program began. After the opening comments one of the founders asked us to get up and hug someone we didn’t know. I hugged a beautiful blonde girl who told me my hair smelled good, an Indian guy with a mellow vibe, and a really tall girl with a great smile. Our host then told us to turn to another new person and compliment then. I turned to this Australian dude and told him he had really nice dimples. He told me he was grateful for my presence tonight. I felt way more at ease and was already trying to figure out how I could get someone to play this game with me every day.

We did a group meditation and heard some really cool music. I was feeling uplifted already. Then it was time for the key note speaker, Ben Nemtin from The Buried Life. To be honest, I’ve never seen his show. It’s on MTV and I feel like I’m just slightly too old to have jumped onto that train. (Don’t get it twisted, though. I still have the humor level of a 22 year old.) But I DO really love the whole point of the show. It’s to make a list of things you want to do before you die and then go out and DO THEM! No excuses. No I can’t or it’s unrealistic. This is how I try to live my life so I was all ears. His story really resonated with me because the bucket list item he chose to talk about was #95: Play basketball with President Obama (who was President at the time.) They tried all kinds of avenues. They befriended lowly council workers and secretaries to gain access to Senators. They worked their way up until someone finally put in a formal request for them. To which they got a NO. They tried to stalk President Obama’s basketball coordinator at his gym. He never showed. They finally met him through a reporter and HE put an official request in. More NO’s. No, no, no. (The story of my life with auditions.) But they PERSISTED. Finally that same basketball game coordinator invited them to the court even though Obama couldn’t be there. They went just happy for the experience. And Obama showed up! He shot a couple hoops with them and made that dream happen! And the coolest thing about this to me was that they did this so they could spread the word that if they made this impossible thing happen, then we could accomplish our dreams, too.

So what are my bucket list items? Sure, I do want to go to Japan. But I also want to get my pilot made. The first time I sent it out I got an overwhelming waterfall of NO’S. (I mean, I got it after like 5. Were 15 really necessary?) Then I did some extensive rewrites and it made it to the Semi-Finals in a writing competition. Still not a yes, but more like a maybe. So now what? Do I quit? Hell no. I have another rewrite in me and this time I’ll get a yes. (And if not I’ll just make that thing myself.)

The other great thing about The Buried Life is that they helped other people accomplish their bucket list wishes, too. It’s all about passing it forward because what you give you receive. So at The Shine they decide to keep this going by handing out $400 to a random person in the audience (They had taped a ticket under the chair. It wasn’t me 😥) so that they can go out into the community and do something to serve. I can’t wait to come back next month to see what the guy who got it will do. Because he looked TERRIFIED. 😂

So my message to you is, how can you serve this week? Can you smile at someone in the elevator instead of burrying you face in your iPhone? Can you buy the cup of coffee for the person behind you at Starbucks? It doesn’t have to be a huge thing. Shoot, that lady who altered my bathing suit for free last week SAVED MY LIFE (remember crying in car incident?) You never know when someone just needs a kind word. So try to be present at all times to just serve. And hey, it’ll probably make you feel pretty good in the process as well.

And so it is.

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