DAY 14: The one where I’m grateful

Today is Day 14 of my meditation challenge Desire and Destiny with Deepak Chopra and Oprah. And this one is all about gratitude! So first and foremost, to those who have read my blog, THANK YOU!!!! This process has been challenging, but mostly rewarding. It’s given me a jump start back into following my joy and I’m so grateful for those of you who have encouraged me to keep going. (Don’t be afraid to leave comments! While I’m fighting to override my ego, I DO still have one. 😜)

A cool thing happened today that adds to my gratitude and also feeds off of yesterday’s message. I really am affirming that good is coming my way in unexpected ways, and today was an eerie case of synchronicity! I briefly mentioned that I interviewed to be a contestant on a new game show yesterday. Well the producer of said game show happens to be a regular at the hotel I work at and he came in for lunch today. I’ve never had a super chatty relationship with him, but thought, “What do I have to lose?” I went up, said hi, and mentioned that I just happened to be interviewed for a game show that he happened to be producing. Of course, he loved this. I imagine this is how I’d feel if some random person ever came up to me and mentioned my blog. Or that my hair looked cute. Or said, “Hi. You’re wearing a red shirt.” (It’s becoming apparent I just like attention.)

Mr. Big Shot Producer Guy then buttered me up by telling me, “You’d be great on the show!” (And he should know. I’ve been serving him for the last 7 years.) Immediately followed by, “What’s your name?” (D’oh! 😖)

About thirty minutes later he calls me over to his table, because now that he knows my name we’re really close friends, and asks me more about the interview. He’s loving hearing all about this so I get a little daring. I tell him that the universe must really want me to be involved in his show because two months ago my manager sent me a writing packet opportunity for this very same game show. I couldn’t do it at the time because I had my TV pilot script in a writing competition (the one that made it to the Semi-finals) and had a deadline to do a rewrite. (I also felt super good letting Mr. Big Shot Producer Guy know that I was ALSO kinda cool.) And you know what he said? That I should write the packet. They were STILL looking for writers so I should watch the show, write jokes in that style, and bring it with me assuming I’m cast as a contestant. Or I can have my manager send it to them.

WHAT? A door that I thought had closed (and beat myself up about missing an opportunity) had re-opened! And in the most unlikely, EASY way. It truly was effortless and isn’t that what Deepak has been saying all along? That when we are in the flow with life, God and His Universe align to bring good easily and effortlessly to us. I was so happy, something REALLY strange happened. I felt GRATEFUL for my serving job. Usually I’m cursing its existence on my hour long, 4 1/2 mile drive (LA traffic) to and from. This job may drain my energy at times, but it does put me in the arena to interact with many people in the industry. And regardless what happens I am going to write that packet, and that wouldn’t have happened if I worked at California Pizza Kitchen. (The one at Hollywood and Highland. Trust me. I worked there. All tourists who don’t tip.)

So maybe there’s something to this thought that as we say thank you for what we have, more shows up. When we let go of our personal stories of “I suck. Nothing ever goes my way. I’m going to die alone and be eaten by my cats,” then we can learn to be present in the moment. We can find gratitude everywhere, and this will change our entire experience.

On my way home today I stopped at the store for groceries and saw my favorite flowers, irises, sitting outside. So I bought myself flowers, because sometimes you just have to. (See picture above) And sitting in my apartment now, looking at them in their beauty, gives me so much gratitude. Is there something you can do to bring yourself joy and gratitude today? Even if it’s just putting on a record or buying your favorite food. Take time to enjoy the life you have NOW.

I also want to give everyone a heads up. I’m going to an event called “Ths Shine” at Wanderlust Yoga this Saturday, Sep. 16. Doors open at 7pm. The program runs 8pm-10pm. Click here for details. It’s fresh, healthy food, group meditation, music and an inspirational speaker to really get those vibes up! Comment or message me if you’d like to go. And for those of you who can’t, I’ll be writing about the experience in my blog.

And please try to remember today’s centering thought. “Gratitude is my prayer.” Trust me. Life feels better this way.

Thank you SO MUCH for reading!!!

And so it is.

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