DAY 13: “You gotta have faith, faith, faith”

“I believe. I trust. I let go.” That’s the centering thought in day 13 of the Desire and Destiny meditation series I’m currently doing. It’s funny how the right message always comes to you exactly when you need it.

Today centers around the fact that uncertainty is certain. I’m really glad to learn this because here I thought everyone else had it figured out except me. As a type A control freak I want to know exactly where I’m going, at what time, and for how long. (And if it comes with an itinerary all the better.)

But life can’t be controlled (unfortunately). Today I had it all planned out. Get up and work out. Check. Acting class. Check. Accupuncture and massage (those tiny needles are magical)… Zzzzzzz (oh sorry I fell asleep because it was so relaxing). Had a Skype interview for a game show and that lady LOVED me for just being myself. Check. Meditated and actually stayed in the flow. I mean everything was PERFECT. I was about to go to a writing sesh with friends when… my toilet leaked AN INCH of water in my bathroom, which flowed into my bedroom, even under my bed! Really, universe? You had to MAKE SURE I got the message today that life is uncertain, huh?

So yeah. Not ideal as kitty litter was quickly being clumped through my house (my cat thought this water was great playtime) but I managed to stay calm and just deal with the present moment. In fact, I was so efficient I still made it to my writing sesh. So I was pretty proud of myself, especially due to the fact that yesterday I was crying on the way to the dry cleaner.

So maybe all this stuff is slowly sinking into my thick skull. Now I want to know more! In today’s meditation, Deepak talks about The Spiritual Law of Detachment which states that, “in order to acquire anything in the spiritual universe you have to relinquish your attachment to it.” What does this mean? That I stop caring about anything? Give away all my clothes? Stop showering??? No. It means that I set an intention, take the action that my gut is telling me to follow, and then sit back and have faith that, no matter what, everything will be alright.

I also heard Deepak say maybe my favorite thing I’ve heard him say ever. “There is nothing you can lose that will diminish your wholeness. There is nothing you can gain that that will add to who you are.” So it doesn’t matter if I’m single and homeless. (Been there! Done that!) I’ll make it through and be OK. It also doesn’t matter if I’m working on a TV show. That won’t make me happy forever. Eventually, I’d find something else to complain to you about in 1,000 words or less. I need to realize I’m whole NOW. I choose to hold the intention that there is a plan greater than I can see (thanks for doing the hard work God!) that will not only be best for me, but for all those involved.

So for the rest of the week, be gentle with yourself. I know I struggle with this all the time. But know it’s OK not to be perfect all the time. It’s OK to focus on one small step at a time (and then veg out like a couch potato.) With consistent practice you will gradually release your limiting beliefs and ease into a life of new experiences, full of excitement and abundance.

And on that note, I can’t think of anything else witty to say so I’m going to be easy on MYSELF and go to bed. Let’s close with my favorite affirmation (come on say it with me):

Thank you God for bringing me more good than I can even imagine, in ways I wouldn’t expect each and every day.

(Oh, and thank you for giving me at least 40 readers for this post. Or 4,000. I won’t limit you. 🤞🏻)

And so it is.

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