DAY 11: The one where I go to a really cool church

Today is Day 11 of my 21 day challenge. If you’re new I’m doing Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s meditation Desire and Destiny. (And go back and read the other posts to catch up!) Today’s centering thought is, “I create my reality.” Now before all you non-believers jump in and say, “Everything is random, look at Hurricane Irma, are you saying those people created their reality?” Or super religious peeps chime in with, “Blasphemy! God creates our reality. Do you think you’re God?” I have to let you know that I agree with ALL of you.


Look. I’m not so crazy that I think I can meditate away a hurricane. I also don’t believe that God purposely creates storms and sends them to punish us. (You hear that Kirk Cameron? Just. No.) But I do believe that God answers our prayers in the form of a new friend or solution to a problem in a way that’s for our greatest good, even if it may not be what we originally expected. (See my post on intuition.) We just have to do OUR PART, TOO.

Oprah and Deepak teach that attention energizes (whatever you choose to focus on expands) and intention transforms. So when we set an intention (Mine: I am a working actress and writer) we must then make each choice with that intention in mind.

So choice number one of the day… should I sleep in or get my butt out of bed to go to Sunday service at Agape, my church of choice? Well, I want to feel inspired and continue to explore my spiritual side for my blog, which makes me a writer, and hopefully some money eventually. So ding, ding, ding! That seems to support my intention. Option two only ensures I don’t have bags under my eyes. So I packed on the concealor and made it to Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City. Click here to go to their website. You can also live stream services on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. One of many things I love about this place is we get to positively affirm our lives and take that affirmation card with us home to use throughout the week. That way I can replace all those, “I’m fat, lazy, or really distracted by Bachelor in Paradise” with something positive. Here’s this week’s card:


Reverand Michael Bernard Beckwith (who happens to be one of the most inspiring speakers I’ve ever heard) was out of town teaching other people so we were lucky enough to have a guest speaker, Rev. Arlene Hylton. Her topic of the day way “Check yourself before you…” And yes, she eventually filled in the blank, and it was indeed “Wreck yourself.” (Insert Ice Cube 90s dance party here.)

I thought her topic fit in perfectly with today’s meditation that I create my own reality. In order to do that I have to check myself. Like, “Hey, self? Are you checking in with God and meditating each day?” My response? “Well, I’ve already missed two days soooooo…” (I was hoping I could just skirt over the fact that there was no blog post yesterday either.) But there are also less obvious ways that we can wreck ourselves. These could be in small ways like choosing that third drink at your employee bowling party instead of calling it a night after 2 so you can wake up productive. (Totally hypothetical situation, that’s definitely not why I skipped blogging last night.) Or constantly telling yourself you’ll never get it all done. Because then you go into a tailspin of anxiety and get nothing done except incessant Facebook Stalking. (Again totally hypothetical.) What you COULD have done is prioritized tasks and concentrated on only one thing at a time.

Another thing I loved about Reverand Arlene’s sermon was she said that we are here to serve each other (and therefore God) with our gifts. And it may take YEARS, but if we keep using our talents with the intention of service we will reap the benefits. Even if it’s just ONE person we still make a difference. This was something I needed to hear because I’m only in week two of this blog and already like, “Only 10 followers??? And 40 views a day? WTF?!??? I need to be at 10 THOUSAND!” Yeah. Patience in these things is not my strong point. BUT my intention IS to use my talents of writing and comedy to help bring people into a practice that will positively affect their lives. And I’ve already had more than one person tell me that my words helped them or made their day. So really I have already done what I set out to do. Now I focus on enjoying the journey and surrendering the rest to God and his magnificent universe. That and I really need to take some kind of web hosting, marketing type class. (See I don’t even know if web hosting is correct verbage. Someone help me!!)

Going back to today’s meditation, Deepak also encourages us to visualize our dreams, then surrender to the journey not the outcome. Close your eyes and really feel how you’d feel when you have accomplished your heart’s desire. See every detail, each person that’s with you, how you feel when that money or award hits your hand. Then surrender that dream and watch it float away like a cloud in the sky. (He walks you through this so I’d recommend going to if you want to buy this great meditation series!) Then what do you do?

Well, this week try to stay present in each moment of your life. Consciously choose what action or thought best supports your intention. Because each thought, feeling, and action creates your reality. And wouldn’t we prefer our reality to be beautiful and fun? Wouldn’t we rather it be filled with things that uplift us instead of self bashing and mindless online shopping? (I definitely need to check myself on that one 🤑) Take the advice of the ancient poet, Rumi:

Respond to every call that excites your spirit.

You never know where it will lead you. But I’m putting my money on something good.

And so it is.

3 thoughts on “DAY 11: The one where I go to a really cool church

  1. I think this advice is good for people who feel that they have a purpose but how do you feel that? My dreams are pretty simple. I don’t really need much materialy. I wish I could have better relationships, that’s what I don’t have that I want. Nothing that I do seems to accomplish that.


    1. Thank you for sharing! I don’t think a purpose necessarily means some huge goal like being Pope or President. I think everyone has a purpose in the small things everyday. This purpose is bringing joy and love to everyone we meet each day. Especially with how the world is today, buying the person behind you at Starbucks a cup of coffee could make their day because we never know what another person may be going through. I work in a restaurant (and while I have a higher purpose I’m aspiring to) I try to affect each person I interact with in a positive way. Whether it’s giving them a recommendation for sight seeing in LA or bringing them a special cake for their birthday, I’m trying to positively affect people. I think all of our collective purpose is to raise the vibration in this world that is sometimes so ruled by hate. And that’s a big deal! We need everyone to help! So don’t downplay your own role in that. You too are special.

      As for relationships, by doing this you will automatically attract people to you when your focus is to help and uplift them. So friendships will easily flourish. I think you probably mean romantic relationships though. Go read my “Who am I?” Post. Trust me I know about heartbreak! And it is hard sometimes. I feel you. My advice would be to continue to fill your life up with things that interest you, maybe it’s a book club or a hiking club. You never know when you will meet someone. But when my engagement broke up I focused on nourishing myself and my friendships. I said yes to everything that was presented to me and eventually I healed and started meeting people. I still had more break ups though! But I learned to be happy with or without them. My therapist once told me that I was already the whole cake and the relationship was just the icing. I’m sorry if that sounds cheesy but that advice always worked for me! There’s no easy answer, and everyone is on their own path so what worked for me may be different for you. I recommend mediating every morning so you can hear the cues God and the universe are specifically giving you. I hope this helped clarify at least a little!


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