DAY 9: Follow Your Intuition

Today is Day 9 of Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s 21 Day Meditation challenge Destiny and Desire. First, inquiring minds want to know (and by this I mean my smart ass sister 😜) if I mean THE Oprah or some other Oprah since I never mention a last name. Yes, I mean THE Oprah, like Oprah Winfrey, and I know it’s weird Chopra and Oprah rhyme. The only other Oprah I know is my friend Rachel’s dog, who is also wise, but that’s beside the point.

The POINT today is focusing on what we TRULY want and following our intuition. Supposedly, as we continue to meditate, the still, small voice within will get louder and louder until we know what to do. This morning, during my meditation, my inner voice must have been asleep because the only guidance I got was that I should run a couple miles after work to burn off all the crap I’d eaten last night at The Cheesecake Factory.  BUT I have had some experiences with intuition in the past.

For one, my intuition guided me to write this blog. I’d first gotten the idea TWO YEARS ago. I even started writing one post but then stopped because I was afraid no one would want to read it. I put the idea aside but that still, small voice stayed with me. It urged me again about a year later when I watched Julie & Julia, a movie based on a cooking blog where one woman attempts to cook all 524 Julia Child recipes in 365 days. My voice said, “Maybe I can do something like that.” When I would see bloggers come into the restaurant I work at, I’d make fun of them for taking so many cheesy pictures of themselves. (IRONY I was doing the exact same thing last night trying to promote MY blog.) I think we often criticize those who are doing what we want to do because we don’t know how to deal with the anger we have at not doing it ourselves.

Another example: I’d been thinking about getting back into an acting class for awhile. But I  had all kinds of excuses about money, time, and my ego telling me I didn’t need them because I was clearly the next Meryl Streep. But in the midst of yet another “doubting myself as an actress” crisis one of my friends sent me an article written by Jenna Fisher who talks about her struggles as an actress and finding an amazing teacher, Robert D’Avanzo. All I took from this was you should never give up, a pretty good message if I say so myself. About 6 months later another friend at work excitedly told me about this amazing acting class he just took telling me to check it out. The teacher was Robert D’Avanzo. I didn’t even register the teacher’s name to be honest. This particular friend was kind of young and I dismissed it because I figured he didn’t know what he was talking about. (I’m soooo sorry J… I know you’re probably gonna read this but I’m trying to be brutally honest with my feelings here 😜 And yes, I am an asshole.) Then about a month later I was out with yet another friend bitching about how much my acting career sucked when he said, “I just took this class with Robert D’Avanzo. I think it definitely helped me book work.”

All of a sudden flashing lights went off inside my head. My inner voice got on a bullhorn and started screaming, “You hear that you idiot?!!! Go take class with Robert D’Avanzo. You asked for help and we’ve been trying to get through that thick skull of yours!!!!!” Yes, I’d heard this cue three different times before I finally heard it. And I did go take class with Robert and it reinvigorated my love of acting and confidence in myself. (So thank you R- sorry I’m not as famous as Jenna Fisher, but now there’s another article written about you. 😘)

The thing I find so cool about intuition is that somehow, some way it helps us tap into a deeper wisdom and synchronicity with the universe. And from that deeper wisdom come cues that will help us on our journey. And if it’s really your next best step you CAN’T miss it! It will keep coming to you at different times until you pick up what they’re putting down. This is such a relief to me because I can’t mess up! OK, I COULD speed up the process if I heard the cue on the FIRST try instead of the third, but it’s kind of comforting that my team in the sky doesn’t give up trying to deliver me my message.

So moving forward, we have two goals. One, to continue practicing meditation so we can better pick up on the cues life is throwing our way, and two, to develop a better quality of focus. This means start consistently focusing on what you DO want instead of what you DON’T want. Remember, whatever you focus on expands. I was so busy focusing on what I didn’t want, a sucky acting career, that I stopped focusing on what I did want, an acting teacher that would help me develop my talents to that next level. And all the while the universe was TRYING to guide me to what I wanted but I was too busy wallowing in my own crap to see it!

So sit quietly today and think about what you want. Ask the question and then diligently watch for the signs. They could be anywhere, on the radio, a comment from someone at work, even on a super witty and awesome blog. It’s kind of exciting if you think about it. The universe is like a secret admirer dropping you love notes. And don’t we all need a little more love in our lives?  I know I do.

And so it is.

3 thoughts on “DAY 9: Follow Your Intuition

    1. Yes! Sorry, to me that is a given. Whenever I pray or meditate I go within and sit with God. Listening is key! Simultaneously, I also think it’s important to get clear with your own inner voice. Sometimes we are so influenced by everyone else’s opinions and beliefs that we forget that only we know what’s best for ourselves (obviously God helps with guidance though!)


  1. Yes, sorry! That was a given to me! God is always talking to us if we just listen. Simultaneously I think there’s also something to finding your own true inner voice. A lot of the time we are influenced by other people’s opinions and don’t follow what we know to be true for ourselves. But when I go within I’m also sitting with God 😘


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